I am out of my mind

Published on 27 January 2022 at 15:38

I am out of my mind!


Many people might think that I was crazy resigning from my "secure" job and start up my own project.

Yes, it takes courage and some level of craziness. 

The truth is, I want to live! Not tomorrow, not when I retire, not when I have savings on my bank account. TODAY. NOW. In this very moment.

I lived in my head in my whole life. Thinking, planning, thinking planning. Never stopped thinking and planning. It was exhausting. I got ill. My mental and gut health was hugely compromised. But it is so easy to ignore the signs of a disease when they are invisible. I always had the philosophy: "if I don't see it, it doesn't exist and I do not believe in it". And it worked for quite some time. Until one day, when it had become visible. First, only to me, as I had become a master in hiding my feelings since my pride wouldn't let me to be seen vulnerable. It took me almost 5 years to start opening up and talking about invisible disabilities, and start facing them, rather than suppressing further, and accept what was going on. It has been a long journey and it's not over yet.

However, by moving away from my "old" life (i.e. from my mind) and landing in my "dream life" (i.e. my heart) helped me to be at a better place at all levels: mentally, physically, emotionally. 

Going away to Guatemala was a life-changing experience for number of reasons:

  1. I needed to face, accept and overcome some of my fears: fear of spiders, scorpions, unknown, being judged, to be outside of my comfort zone.
  2.  I connected with nature, the source of ceremonial cacao, - which is, by the way, a fabulous plant medicine - in the Central-American Rain Forest.
  3. I have managed to to get out of my head, find my heart (yes, I have one too :-)), connect with it, open it and hang in there longer than ever before combined.
  4. I let things go that I couldn't control and allowed myself not to feel guilty about it.
  5. I have found courage and inspiration to share my knowledge, skills and talent with the whole wide world through love and care, as a tool and to help people finding their true happiness in life, at work, and in their career.


Yes, you can find your dream job without help. Yes, you can get a promotion, more money and success by pushing hard and working your ass off. But for how long? And more importantly: in what kind of 'currency' you will pay the price for it? Health, relationships?

In my consulting method love and care play a big role. Love boots our morale, our ability to cope with dilemmas more efficiently and also gives us hope. Combining mindfulness and alternative medicine with CV writing and interviewing skills is a way forward to land your dream job stress-free and to enjoy your life TODAY with what you have NOW. Happiness is available right away. Claim it!

Should you need help, please know that it is available. No judgement, no explanation needed, no shaming. You have a right to be happy in life, at work, and while you are walking on your career-path, too.

Would you like to find out more? For confidential, free conversation DM me, or e-mail to info@archireland.com


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