CMA Accredited, Ireland's leading Cacao Facilitator Training provider, ARCH CACAO Academy, is running intensive and weekend courses to help holistic professionals run their very own cacao circles and ceremonies. Enrolment is now open. Secure your spot today via our shop page or email to

The Complementary Medical Association accredited

ceremonial Cacao Practitioner Training Course

by ARCH Cacao academy 

ARCH Cacao Academy is now becoming Ireland's Leading Cacao Facilitator Training School.

Join the movement now and start sharing Cacao medicine with your community with confidence.


Our Ceremonial Cacao Practitioner course is designed for those, who would like to connect or re-connect with the beautiful, heart-opening plant medicine, ceremonial cacao.

You will learn how to integrate Mama Cacao into your and your community's daily routine, how to prepare to receive the medicine and how to prepare the drink itself.

The interactive, practical modules of the course will empower and teach you, how to hold a sacred and secure place for others by applying active listening skills, building courage and confidence, while remaining centered, humble and calm.


If you are thinking to start implementing ceremonial cacao to your daily routine or you would like to hold your own holistic cacao circles or you are already running a holistic business (yoga, Pilates, breathwork, ice-bathing, reiki, sound-bath, homeopathy, IET, etc.) and would like to add ceremonial cacao to your sessions and offerings, this course will provide you a wonderful foundation, support, knowledge, skills and confidence to do that so.


This is an intensive, highly interactive, hybrid course, delivered in-person, over 30 hours (5 days).


Attendees receive a Ceremonial Cacao Practitioner Diploma, accredited by The Complementary Medical Association


Upcoming intensive courses:

21th - 25th February, Wednesday - Sunday, Dublin 17, Santry and Dublin 2

27th - 31st May, Monday - Friday, North Dublin and Co. Dublin


Course runs from 10am until 4pm on the first 4 days, and either from 12pm until 6pm or 3pm until 9pm on the last day.


Upcoming weekend course - complete the course over 5 days within 3 months:

2nd March (Saturday, 10am - 4pm)

13th April (Saturday, 10am - 4pm)

4th May (Saturday, 10am - 4pm)

25th May (Saturday, 10am - 4pm)

31st May (Friday, 3pm - 9pm)



For more info and to enroll, please contact


5-day, intensive or weekend Ceremonial Cacao Practitioner Course (30-hrs)

Join us for an incredible journey into the world of ceremonial cacao! This in-person course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to become a CMA (The Complementary Medical Association) certified cacao practitioner. Over the course of five days, you will learn about the history, traditions, and benefits of ceremonial cacao and cacao ceremonies. Our experienced instructors will guide you through hands-on exercises and immersive experiences to deepen your connection with your heart and Mama Cacao and give you a solid understanding of Ceremonial Cacao; all that you need to have the courage and confidence to hold your own cacao circles to your friends, family and your clients.

During this intensive course, you will discover the art of preparing and serving cacao and the different tools, approaches, and supports that can be used in circles and ceremonies. You will also explore the power of intention setting, breathwork, singing, journaling, sound, vibration, aroma therapy and meditation to enhance the cacao experience. By the end of the course, you will have the confidence and expertise to lead your own transformative cacao ceremonies.

Whether you are a wellness professional looking to expand your offerings or simply curious about the magic of cacao, this course is perfect for you.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery.



Day 1 - 10am - 2pm - Intro to Ceremonial Cacao, Cacao drink brewing demonstration, self-care practices

Day 2 - 10am - 4pm - Cacao tasting, History of Cacao and Guatemala, Health benefits (Part 1.), Brewing Cacao practice, Self-Ceremony

Day 3 - 10am - 4pm - Health Benefits (Part 2.), Ecology, Cacao Circle Practice

Day 4 - 10am - 4pm - Social Business Design, Work session: Entrepreneurship, Business Plan, Sharing Cacao as a Business

Day 5 -  12pm - 6pm or 3pm - 9pm

Part 1.

  1. Ceremonial Cacao tasting – 3 ceremonial cacao origins
  2. Preparation for holding a sacred space for the public theory
  3. Logistics, tools, equipment
  4. Roles & Responsibilities

Part 2.

  1. Preparation for holding a sacred space for the public – practice
  2. Co-hosting ARCH Cacao Ceremony
  3. Self-reflection, feedback, graduation



  • Two, 1-hour 1:1 coaching session with Andi, which can be used up until 30 days after graduation.
  • 10% OFF from any ceremonial cacao purchase.




Attendees who successfully complete all aspects of this 5-day course will receive a Ceremonial Cacao Practitioner Diploma, accredited by the Complementary Medical Association.

The advantages of completing a CMA-approved course are endless, but here are some highlights:

Choosing to study with a CMA Registered Training School demonstrates that you already have a strong commitment to excellence – as your School (i.e. ARCH Cacao Academy) is among the world’s leading training establishments in the arena of complementary medicine and natural therapies. You are in the right place to springboard your career! Once you are studying at a CMA Registered School, you are entitled to apply for CMA Student Membership and when you do, you’ll benefit from a wealth of support and resources – all of which are designed to support you in your studies and to give you all the professional tools you’ll need to build a successful career in this fascinating and rewarding field – so that you can help more people by doing the work you love.


Reserve your spot now!

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What's included:

  • Ceremonial Cacao, what we use during the training
  • All study materials and equipment


What's not included:

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Transport


Exchange is only €1,200. Book here now and start sharing love via cacao with your community.

Payment plan is available.

Secure your spot with only €333 and make three easy payments of €300 within 3 months (but no later than 31st May).

Contact for opt in to this payment plan.



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