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Homeopathy in santry, online or in Dublin 17

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy (also known as "like cures like") is a truly holistic and refined medical art which has been established over 200 years ago, by a German physician, called Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). Homeopathic remedies are gentle and non-toxic and may be used in acute and chronic conditions. Homeopathy may also be effective where there is no specific diagnosis. It is safe for all ages: older people, adults, teenagers, children, babies, newborns and in pregnancy and pre-conception too.

Each prescription is tailored to the individual, in line with the presenting symptoms.

Please note that is always recommended that you keep in touch with your regular GP.

What conditions does homeopathy can help with?

Among the most common conditions that people seek homeopathic treatment for are:

  • asthma
  • ear infections
  • hay fever
  • mental health conditions, such as depression, stress and anxiety
  • allergies, such as food, dust, animal hair allergies
  • dermatitis (an allergic skin condition)
  • arthritis
  • eczema 
  • high blood pressure
  • autism
  • adhd
  • ibd
  • ibs
  • crohn's
  • cough
  • cold
  • fever
  • grief
  • trauma
  • PMS
  • menopause
  • fertility
  • childbirth 
  • end-of-life care

Did you know?

  • Worldwide, over 200 million people use homeopathy on a regular basis of which half of them live in the EU.
  • Homeopathy is so popular, it is practiced over 95% of the European countries.
  • Most private health insurance companies cover some part of the cost of your homeopathic consultation - contact your private health care provider to find out what is included in your private health policy.

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