I am not persistent, am I?

Published on 25 January 2022 at 16:21

I am not persistent.

This is the statement I have been telling myself for sometimes. I moved countries, I moved houses, I tried various sports but never did any of them for longer than a few years. I have changed jobs many times; changed companies, learned many, completely different professions, moved across various industries, cultures and climates. I have always looked for opportunities to learn, to challenge myself, to have new excitement and experience. 

But recently I've been given a valuable gift in a form of a feedback that shed light on my own perceived 'lack of persistency' from a different angle. 

I might have not been persistent to the outer world, situations, circumstances, politics, a county, a house, environment, etc.; but I have always been persistent to myself; to my focus, goals, health, happiness and values. Wow. What a feedback and realization! No matter what I did or did not do, I always kept my focus on my goals. It turned out that I have always been persistent to what mattered to me the most.

Knowing what is important to you, truly helps you to be persistent.  

So what is it? Go on, take 2 minutes to think about it and give yourself a nice surprise by realizing how amazingly persistent person you really are!

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