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About me

Andrea Reger

Who I am and What do I do?

My name is Andrea Reger. I am originally form Hungary, Budapest, and I have been living in Ireland since 2005. I hold a BSc in Teaching, a Masters' Degree in Human Resource Management and I am a fully qualified, Licensed Homeopath, graduated from the Irish School of Homeopathy's 4-year professional course in 2023.

I am adventurous, curious and passionate about creating health, memories, life experience and legacy.

I have always supported people with their life challenges and empowered them to reach their fullest potential in areas of their lives. In the past almost 15 years, while working as recruiter in a corporate environment, I helped hundreds of people land their dream job. Recent life events led me to use my consulting and mentoring skills differently, so since 2021 I have been re-focusing my skills and integrating holistic health and overall well-being into my career&life consultation services. I would be honored to work with You too and support You on your self-developmental journey, whether its advancing your career, opening a new business or sustaining your health & well-being.

How I got here?

I obtained my first degree, BSc in Teaching back in my home country, in 2001. I successfully finished my Masters Degree in Human Resource Management in 2013, with a great honor of having my final dissertation published and it's available to purchase on

My connection with alternative medicine started in 2016 when I was looking for a non-invasive support for my son, who was diagnosed with autism at that time. I came across with homeopathy then. I gradually immersed myself into this new world and I found fascinating how quickly it helped my son. I learnt more about this medicine as we went along, and discovered that it can also be used for every day flu, colds and coughs and I learnt quickly how to manage acute cases for myself and my family.

I wanted to know more about this fantastic energy healing and I enrolled for a short course in 2018. In 2019, having finished the “Home prescriber’s” course in the Irish School of Homeopathy, I decided to go deeper to learn more about this unorthodox healing technique that has been around hundreds of years and can also be used to address both acute and chronic diseases too. So, I signed up for the 4-year professional course in the same year. As a fully graduated, licensed Homeopath, I truly enjoy seeing people getting better every day, by adding homeopathy to their life.

Having been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease myself, I am promoting and advocating this fantastic healing method which is effective while gentle, and has no harm or damaging side effects.

I want to heal my own autoimmune disease while helping other people too, to feel better, to get better and have a better quality of life without side effects of the conventional medicines.

I had been living a stressful professional and private life for over many years, which had its teachings for me. In December 2021, I finally decided to listen, and made a decision to resign from my corporate job and to dedicate my focus to my very own, as well as others' well-being during career, hormonal and any other life changes. In order to be where I am today, my new passion, the super-food Ceremonial Cacao, which is a sacred, raw, natural BLISS from Guatemala, also helped me a lot. I fell in love with her right away. She doesn’t just help me relax and meditate, but also helps me focusing my mind and strengthening my immune-, nervous-, muscle- and cardiovascular system.

My mission is to motivate people with my story and help them to heal, to feel better and to get better. I want everyone to know that “YOU have a choice!”. You have a right to decide about your life, health and well-being. The decision is yours. It is not about what you decide; that is not the point. The point is that you can feel empowered to make decisions about your own life, career, health and well-being. I support you. But the choice is yours. Your life is yours. Your career is yours. Your health is yours. You are in the driving seat of your own life! But you are not alone. It doesn't have to be a lonely ride. You have support.

I would be humbled if you choose me to offer you my judgment-free, caring support – whenever you are ready to ask for support and accept help, I am ready. Are you?