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Ceremonial Cacao Ireland


We are proudly sourcing our finest raw Cacao directly from the "place of many trees", i.e. Guatemala. The Central-American rainforest is the home of MAMA Cacao, where the isolated, indigenous organic farmers grow this heavenly medicine for hundreds of years. They carefully ferment, dry, and roast the Cacao at their plantation. The careful processing and hand peeling of the seeds ensure that each bean is in the most spectacular state.





You can enjoy Cacao is many various ways. If you haven't tried it yet, why don't you join one of our upcoming Cacao Ceremonies?

Or, if you'd like to organize a Corporate or Private Cacao Ceremony Event, please get in touch with us here and ask for a quote.

What to expect at Cacao Ceremony Event

This script should give you an idea on how might a Cacao Ceremony event flow, but this can be customized to your team's or party's needs.  

  • Guests arrive - soft, cheerful music played in the background.
  • We open the Ceremony by Handpan gongs to help relax and focus on the present moment.
  • The Cacao Ceremony practitioners introduce themselves, and share their relationship and experience with Cacao and the source of Cacao.
  • Presentation on the benefits of raw Guatemalan Cacao.
  • Preparation for receiving Cacao, as medicine - focusing our attention to the body, breathing and the present moment - in order to maximize the medicine's healing effects.
  • Serving Cacao to drink - with soft, live Handpan music in the background
  • Relaxing and Enjoying our Cacao - paying attention on our body, how it feels like receiving this "food of the Gods", how our body, mind, emotions react. (On request, we can do a short, light meditation)
  • Sharing our experience with our partner/buddy (On request, we can do some quick, self-development exercise here)
  • Closing the ceremony (If included into the package, we would hand out the "Official Guatemalan Cacao Taster" certificate to the participants.)
  • Open discussion, workshop, Cacao and Cacao Ceremony Accessories shopping opportunities