Private Cacao Ceremony event for up to 12 people - 45 min (+ 15 min workshop) from €42/person


Our Cacao Ceremonists are facilitating Sacred Cacao Ceremony at your home, venue or office. 

We recommend this unique event for corporate team building, onboarding new employees, surprising visitors, hen- or stagparties, birthday parties or if you'd like to switch off for an hour. Wherever and whenever well-being and health is a priortiy for you and you'd like to promote it.

This is a fantastic, relaxed, open, non-judgemental event where you can learn about the sacred cacao in a fun way. Our facilitators were trained in the source of cacao, in Guatemala at Lake Atitlan. They tell you about their journey to the source of cacao, give you some infomation about its history, fantastic health benefits and the preparation method, while they are making this fantastic medicine for you. Once the cacao drink is ready, they will fill you mug and we will drink it together. We set out our intention and while we are drinking it, we are paying attention to our breathing to relax our body and be in the present to achieve the maximum benefits of its sacred medicine. After he have drunk the cacao, we sit back, or even lay down (we provide yoga mats to your maximum comfort) and do a 5-10 min mini meditation, while listenning to heart openning, relaxing music. We close the even with some light movements - shaking heands and feets, relaxing our jaws - that everyone can do comfortably, regardless of their fittness level. On the way out we will hand out the certificates and of course - if you added onto your order - we remind participants to keep their mugs as a gift to cherish this event when they go home.